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Our new restaurant introduces a fresh, new concept that will blow your mind.

It took many years of studying the Japanese art of hospitality and casual dining to get to where we are today, and now we are ready to present our skills and services to you! We are confident in our skills as they are backed by 20 years of experience in the industry. We only use the highest-quality, freshest ingredients because our commitment to our guests is our top priority!

We guarantee we will change your whole outlook on sushi.

From premium koshihikari rice越光 native to the Chubu region中部地方 that is known for their firm ,sweet, and milky after taste to the freshly harvested organic yaki nori from Kyushu(九州). Rice and Nori that is something truly to be respected in our temaki手巻き寿司.

Our restaurant introduces a beautiful sushi bar with relaxed modernized settings in the simplest form.

Our experts will thoroughly surprise and impress you with a creative assortment of hand rolls that you will love. We believe once you take just one bite of our hando medo手製 rolls, you will instantly crave for more. Itadakimasu いただきます